Student loan for university students – who will provide it?


Study time – time without worries? Wrong. College students are adults who inadvertently encounter adult problems. These problems include the acute need for money.

Let’s look away from students who were born into the “right” family and all their needs are selflessly covered by their parents. Most students rely solely on their dexterity.

You can find a loan with us

You can find a loan with us

Our website works on a very simple principle. However, this does not change the fact that the loans are approved by more than half of the applicants.

The site acts as a center for sending requests. You will find the form on the page. After filling in the basic data (loan amount + contact details), the application will be entered into the database.

Contractual lenders have access to this database. They are the best known and proven Slovak non-banking companies. The conditions for obtaining loans are therefore less strict and approval is much easier than in banks.

Why apply for a loan?

Why apply for a loan?

Because it’s the easiest. You don’t have to miss school, you don’t have to cancel a part-time job or other duty.

At the same time, you do not run any risk when submitting the application. The form is for contact information only. You will also be contacted by the operator of the company that will comply with your request.

This is also another advantage. You do not have to contact the providers because they will contact you.

What about specific interest and fees?

This answer cannot be answered exactly. There are several participating companies on the website and each has its own offer, price list and conditions.

The question of specific parameters must therefore be directed to a specific provider.

Does the student have another option?

Does the student have another option?

Yes. As for the offer of non-banknotes, it is possible to use, for example, popular installment purchases. However, the disadvantage is that you spend the borrowed money to buy specific goods in the store. Installment purchases are therefore not a normal non-purpose loan.

Another option is a loan for an identity card (you can tell from the advertisement). This loan has the disadvantage of expensive interest. Since the provider cannot perfectly verify your creditworthiness and only knows your identity, it will often set unbearable interest on the loan within the framework of low creditworthiness. This is unlikely to please any students.

A promissory note loan from a private person is also an option, but we do not recommend it at all. Promissory note loans are very risky, and it is often difficult to repay them due to high interest rates. People often lost all their property.


Whatever type of loan you choose, never forget to repay it properly. If you have invited a co-debtor or guarantor, do not let your debts go to them.

The main principle always remains not to borrow at all, even if we understand that today’s student often has no other way out.

Above all, always consider several options and consult with parents and the environment.